Jimmie Perkins

Jimmie Perkins

If you ask Jimmie Perkins what his reason for serving his country was, he’ll tell you, “I’m patriotic and I felt that I could serve my country well!” Having an older brother who served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War added to his motivation as well. Jimmie made the decision, like his brother, to enlist in the Army to serve in the Vietnam War.

In 1962, Jimmie completed Basic Training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. He served as a Private First Class at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri before being stationed in Germany. Jimmie transitioned to the Army Reserves in the 1970’s, where he served for many years.

Shifting back to civilian life after being honorably discharged from the Army was not as difficult as Jimmie anticipated. “The biggest challenge for me was missing the camaraderie. The military helped me a great deal with receiving education and a job,” Jimmie shared with us. His first job out of the Army was working as an Orderly Supervisor for a hospital, where he met his wife who was working as a nurse. Jimmie can’t help but mention, “She was a fantastic nurse!” Eventually, Jimmie made a career change to work as a teacher in the education system. He retired when his wife became sick in order to take proper care of her.

Unfortunately, Jimmie’s wife passed away, leaving him behind along with their daughter and the home they shared. At 75 years old, Jimmie lives by himself in the place he’s called home for over 40 years. Purple Heart Homes will be working with Pen Air Federal Credit Union to provide Jimmie with the renovations necessary for him to continue aging in place safely. “I have problems with my floors, my ceiling is falling in, and my windows and roof need to be repair. I would be happy to live out my few remaining years in my home comfortably,” Jimmie shared with us.

Thank you for serving our nation so proudly, Jimmie. Welcome to the Purple Heart Homes family!