Arthur Keller

Arthur Keller

Arthur Keller watched his father serve in the U.S. Army and spend four years at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  After witnessing the valor put forth by his father, Arthur was to enlist in the Army as well.

In 1965, during the mist of the Vietnam War, Arthur completed Basic Training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. He served as a Specialist First Class at Fort Bliss in Texas before he was stationed in Okinawa with the 62nd Artillery. Eventually, he returned stateside to complete the remainder of his active duty back at Fort Bliss. Arthur was honorably discharged in 1968.

The only major adjustment that accompanied Arthur’s transition back to civilian life was the lack of structure. He told us, “The regiment is much better in the Army. There’s more discipline.” Arthur found passion in the construction industry, and still considers wood working a hobby to this day.

Pensacola, Florida, has been Arthur’s home for the past 40 years. He lives in a house that he shares with a friend, and jokes by saying, “She’s like my adopted mother.” He maintains a close relationship with his two daughters, who provide him with a tremendous amount of support. Unfortunately, the roof on Arthur’s house needs serious repair. Additionally, Arthur also needs the siding on his front porch replaced to make his entryway safe and accessible.

Purple Heart Homes is working with Pen Air Federal Credit Union to provide Arthur with the necessary renovations to make his home safe and comfortable. When asked what the intervention means, Arthur shares, “Stability is my number one concern. Having a roof that doesn’t leak would help a lot with stability in my home.”

Thank you, Arthur, for your dedication and service to our country! Purple Heart Homes welcomes you to our family!