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PHH is proud to take a hands-on approach to both providing services and fundraising. We are a team of purpose-driven individuals leading the charge at job sites nationwide. Having oversight on all work being done not only ensures efficiency but provides a personal connection to every life we touch. Equally important are our efforts to raise funds for future projects. We take the initiative to not only actively raise funds, but to also distribute funds in a streamlined process that provides the most financially responsible return and greatest impact.
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How to Donate – Individual

Individual Donations make up approximately 30% of the total funding at PHH.

Your donations play a critical role in the scale at which we can serve our Veterans. We offer many options, from a one-time donation to a monthly giving program. Holding a 501(c)3 status, all donations are qualified as tax-deductible.

Many employers offer corporate matching programs. If your employer has a matching program, they may match a percentage of every dollar you give. This type of donation could double your contribution. Please check with your employer on such programs.

Our goal is to sustain and grow our donation base. Therefore, we encourage donations to be monthly. This donation path provides a model for constant support for those Veterans on our ever-growing program list. There is strength in numbers. Many people giving what they can afford can collectively change lives.

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How to Donate – Corporate

Corporate Donations make up approximately 70% of the total funding at PHH.

As we grow, we look to organizations for both financial funding as well as materials and services. This portion of our funding can offset many costs not applicable to individual contributions. We often receive ad space, supplies, services, or labor that we would otherwise purchase. Gifts such as these reduce our overall costs per project and can quickly jump-start larger-scale projects. Financial donations are always encouraged to provide flexibility in spending as needed.

Consider a corporate matching program if your organization does not already have one. A matching program is just one more way to match dollars based on an employee’s request.

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Hearts of Honor Club

The Hearts of Honor Club is a monthly giving club comprised of donors who contribute $25 a month or more.

This helps to ensure the long-term success of Purple Heart Homes and allows us to complete more Veteran projects each year.

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