Kenneth Hampton

Kenneth Hampton

If you ask Kenneth Hampton what his reason for serving our country was, he might tell you that he was influenced by his older brother who served in the Navy. He might also tell you that his high school friend joined the Army and told Kenneth that the military takes good care of their Servicemembers. For one or both of these reasons, Kenneth enlisted in the Army straight out of high school.

Having the opportunity to travel the world was one of Kenneth’s strongest desires when he enlisted. In 1981, he completed Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and began serving as an 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman. Kenneth’s wish to travel came true when his service took him to California, Alaska, Panama, and Edmonton, Canada. He earned the rank of Sergeant before being honorably discharged in 1991.

Kenneth had a strong support system during his transition back to civilian life. Now a resident of Radcliff, Kentucky, Kenneth lives with his loving wife, Mahalia, and their son. He worked as a truck driver for many years before working as a Supervisor of a warehouse. Kenneth held that job until he found out about his disability rating of 100%. Battling with congestive heart failure and kidney failure made standing and walking for long periods of time a great challenge. Kenneth undergoes dialysis three times a week due to his conditions.

Recently, Kenneth has been working with counselors to get back into school and continue his job training. He is determined to make the most of his life, despite the struggles he faces.

Purple Heart Homes will be replacing Kenneth’s roof with help from Owens Corning. When asked what this assistance means to him, Kenneth tells us, “This is truly a blessing, as if angels came down from heaven to help me. My family and I have fought with insurance so long to get our roof fixed. We need more organization like Purple Heart Homes and Owens Corning to do more for Veterans. I can’t thank you enough!”

Thank you, Kenneth, for your service and patriotism to our nation. Welcome to the Purple Heart Homes family!