Aqueelah As-salaam

Aqueelah As-salaam

Aqueelah As-salaam wanted to make a difference. She wanted to make something out of her life. So, Aqueelah decided to enlist in the U.S. Army.

1974 was the year that Aqueelah completed Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She started out as a Private and earned the rank of E5 Sergeant by 1979. Shortly afterwards, Aqueelah received a ROTC scholarship to finish college. She completed the four years to receive her commission as an Officer. Aqueelah served as an Officer from 1983 until she was honorably discharged in 1987.

After Active Duty took Aqueelah to Germany, Virginia, Arizona, Washington state, and the Koreas, she endured a difficult transition back to civilian life. She was uncertain of how she would fit back in. Six years went by while Aqueelah tried to find a church that fit her. She realized that her civilian calling was in the church, so she followed that calling to study in seminary and earn a Master’s Degree in Divinity. Aqueelah is now an ordained minister and enjoys being active in her free time.

Despite finding peace and purpose in her new civilian life, Aqueelah still deals with Post-Traumatic Stress, migraines, as well as knee and back problems from her time in the Army. Snellville, Georgia, is the place Aqueelah calls home, and she always has her service dog by her side. Severe back pain and limited mobility hinder Aqueelah’s ability to live the active lifestyle she desires.

Purple Heart Homes has partnered with Peach State Federal Credit Union to complete renovations to Aqueelah’s home, which include painting the trim around the house, replacing wood on her bay window, repairing her fence, cleaning the gutters, and landscaping. Aqueelah shared with us, “I’ve been struggling to makes these repairs for six years. Money has been tight since I had to quit my job due to my disabilities, so this is a true blessing”

Thank you so much, Aqueelah, for your service in the Army and your service in faith. We welcome you to the Purple Heart Homes family!