Roger Young

Roger Young

In March of 1999, Roger Young enlisted in the military as a 19D Cavalry Scout and would soon be leaving for basic training in Kentucky at Fort Knox. Roger comes from a large family of three older brothers and two older sisters. One of Roger’s brothers served in the U.S. Navy and his dad served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Roger always dreamed of becoming a soldier, so he also went on to fight in the Army during the Iraq War.

Active Duty took Mr. Young across the United States in addition to his time in Iraq. Aside from Fort Knox, Mr. Young served at Fort Polk in Louisiana and Fort Irwin in Nevada as well. His service in Iraq took place from 2003 to 2004, during which Mr. Young sustained combat-related injuries in Rustimiyah, just south of Baghdad. Mr. Young earned the rank of Sergeant before being medically retired in 2006.

PTSD, TBI, sleep apnea, shoulder, back, hip, and leg injuries came home with Mr. Young, who resides currently in Kentucky with his wife and two children. His daily struggles include irregular sleep patterns, nightmares, memory loss, chronic depression and anxiety, as well as consistent pain throughout his body. Despite the difficulties, Mr. Young is still able to work for the Army as a Civil Servant. He also plays drums for his church and is able to enjoy his other hobbies, such as participating in car shows and entertainment with his family.

Mr. Young’s roof has major damage, so Purple Heart Homes partnered with Owens Corning to assist his family with the necessary repairs. Renovations will also be made to his back deck, bathrooms, and entire downstairs due to foundation damage. “We have been living in these conditions since 2008, and I am in no condition to be doing these repairs myself. We are so thankful for Purple Heart Homes and Owens Corning,” Mr. Young shared with us. We are so thankful for your service, Mr. Young. Welcome to the Purple Heart Homes family!

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