Robert Marr

Robert Marr

Robert Marr found himself in a bad way at a young age, but soon found a valuable option – join the U. S. Navy. Robert completed his Basic Training at Naval Station Great Lakes. He then moved to Groton, Connecticut, to train on OHIO Class Submarines as an Electronics and Communications Technician.

Active duty took Robert to many places which he could not discuss, nor could he talk much about his experiences on a nuclear submarine, other than it was safer than being in your own car!

Robert had hoped to make the U.S. Navy a career, but in 2008, he volunteered to deploy to Iraq to help the U.S. Army for one year. During that time, his unit was under mortar fire almost every day. Again, because of the work he did, Robert could not speak about his experience in Iraq. He was medically discharged on his return due to Post Traumatic Stress and severe anxiety from his experiences. Because of memory issues he suffered due to the multiple explosions, Robert retired from the U.S. Navy upon his return to the states in 2012.

Robert now suffers from many disablilites from his miltary career. Although there is no viable evidence at this time to support some of his disabilities, there are reasons why he has had one hip replaced and the other hip to be replaced in the near future. His shoulder will also require a replacement surgery. In addition, he suffers from Osteonecrosis in both his hips and his shoulder. He also has a metal plate in his head from removal of a brain tumor.

In spite if these hardships, Robert tries to remain positive. He is surrounded by a family that supports him and gives him joy. “I am the luckiest dude on earth because my wife and kids are so positive and supportive!” says Robert. He adores is wife Tara, and softens up when he speaks of her. “Tara is so strong and I appreciate how she loves me and our chldren.”

When asked what it means to have Purple Heart Homes help with needed renovations, Robert says, “I can’t put into words how appreciative I am to have Purple Heart Homes come to help us. It is indescribable! it’s not the monetary part either – it’s having someone come in to help do the things I can no longer do myself.”

Thank you for service Robert, and welcome to the Purple Heart Homes family. We are proud to assist you and your family.