Richard Evans

Richard Evans

The military runs in the Evans family. Richard Evans, his father, and four brothers all served in the U.S. Army.

1969 was the year when Richard was drafted into the Vietnam War. He completed Basic Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, before being stationed in Germany. Richard was a Trumpet Player Bandsman during his service in the Army. Before being honorably discharged in 1971, Richard sustained a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress. The horrors he experienced during his military career would accompany him throughout his transition back to civilian life.

Richard used to sleep with pistols and knives underneath his bed. The trauma he experienced bestowed heavy cases of depression throughout his post-military life. However, the return home allowed Richard to take advantage of many positive experiences as well. He went back to school and earned a degree in Business. After working in the construction and insurance trades, Richard used his degree to start his own business distributing hair products. Frequent travel took up most of Richard’s free time. It was during his transition that Richard also met and married his loving wife, Theresa.

Not only did Theresa become Richard’s wife, but she became his primary caregiver as well. To this day, Richard still struggles with depression and mood swings. Richard also has a very bad leg that led to severely limited mobility. He is now 100% wheelchair-bound. Throughout the daily struggles, Richard receives endless support from his family. They love playing games together, especially card games. Richard also finds joy in watching sports and reading books.

Purple Heart Homes will be building a ramp in front of Richard’s house so that he can enter and exit his home comfortably, as well as making both his bedroom and bathroom handicap-accessible. “These renovations from Purple Heart Homes will leave a tremendous impact on us. These improvements will help us out a lot, and make my role as a caregiver a lot easier,” says Theresa.

Thank you for your service, Richard. Thank you, Theresa, for providing the care that Richard needs. Welcome to the Purple Heart Homes family!