Reuben Edwards

Reuben Edwards

After having a disagreement with his father about whether he should go to school or get a job, Reuben Edwards decided to enlist in the U.S. Army to serve his country during World War II.

Mr. Edwards completed basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama, before shipping out to Japan and specializing as a Fire Fighter. He sustained a traumatic head injury along with severe damage to his ears during his service. Mr. Edwards worked his way up the ranks and classified as a Sergeant by the time he was honorably discharged in 1947.

When asked where he calls home, Mr. Edwards will tell you, “If I’m in Baltimore, I say Virginia is my home. If I’m in Virginia, I say Baltimore is my home.”  Although he was born in Virginia, Mr. Edwards has been living in Baltimore ever since he got out of the Army. Mr. Edwards told us, “As soon as I got out of the Army, my wife and I would go into a job center and apply for jobs every day.” His wife ended up accepting a job in New York, but Mr. Edwards stayed in the Baltimore area and worked two jobs. He would visit his wife in New York every other week. His military legacy lives on through five of his children who also serve in the Army.

Mr. Edwards worked in the truck and trailer business for 20 years before taking up home improvement full time. More recently in his career, he enjoys repairing and shelling small, electrical appliances. To this day, Mr. Edwards still plays an active role in his community. “If there is something I can do for another person, I will do it,” he says. Mr. Edwards is currently a member of his local Veterans Advocate Group. He told us, “We need more folks advocating for World War II Veterans!”

Purple Heart Homes will be fixing Mr. Edwards’ roof and improving the ceiling in his kitchen. When asked about what the intervention from Purple Heart Homes means to him, Mr. Edwards says, “I appreciate the help. I’ll have a warm place to stay, and I can feel comfortable in my house until I die.”

We appreciate your service to our country, as well as your altruistic spirit, Mr. Edwards. We welcome you to the Purple Heart Homes family with open arms!