Clifton Greer

Clifton Greer

Clifton Greer was 26 years old and married with two children when the Gulf War broke out. The poor state of the economy at the time, his patriotic sense of pride, and father’s 23-year career in the U.S. Navy motived Clifton to join the Navy as well.

Naval Station Great Lakes is where Clifton completed Basic Training in 1991. He served as a Steelworker 1st Class in 38 countries around the world. Clifton sustained 90% hearing loss, knee and back problems, and Post-Traumatic Stress throughout his fifteen years in the Navy. He was honorably discharged in 2006 and returned to his family in their home state of Virginia.

It’s the lack of military comradery that made the transition back to civilian life difficult for Clifton. He told us, “I returned to my hometown, which didn’t have a lot of military culture. That along with my Post-Traumatic Stress created problems in social situations.” Clifton’s wife, Judith, is 100% disabled, which means that Clifton needs to take care of her in addition to his own service-connected disabilities. When he is able to find the time and energy, Clifton enjoys spending time outside either hunting or fishing. “I’m an 8th generation fisherman, specifically salt water, so I take that sport seriously!” Clifton shared with us. Above all, Clifton’s favorite activity is spending time with his three grandchildren.

Purple Heart Homes will renovate the downstairs bathroom, which will relieve Judith of struggling to get upstairs to use that bathroom. When asked what this intervention from Purple Heart Homes means to them, Clifton tells us, “This means that my wife and I will have a better quality of life. We never ask for anything, but my wife will be having a double knee replacement in a few months so the bathroom renovation is crucial. Many thanks to everyone assisting us!”

Thank you for your many years of service to our nation, Clifton. We welcome you and Judith to our Purple Heart Homes family!