Blanca Davila-Pabon

Blanca Davila-Pabon

The year was 1989. Blanca Davila-Pabon yearned for more independence from her family, the opportunity to travel all around the world, and the skills to grow as an overall person. With all of this in mind, it made perfect sense for her to enlist in the Army.

Upon completion of Basic Training at Fort McClellan, AL, the Puerto Rican native got her wishes granted. Blanca served in Grenada, Korea, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Kuwait, Iraq, and all throughout the United States. She started out in the motor pool before fulfilling assignments in Human Resources and then working in the medical field. There was a period of time in Blanca’s service that she describes as doing the job that no one wanted to do. Blanca explained, “I had to go families’ homes and inform them that their loved one passed away.”

Blanca was involved in an IED explosion that shot through her right hand, shattered her ankle, and left her with a Traumatic Brain Injury and severe Post-Traumatic Stress.

She was honorably discharged in 2013 and the transition back to civilian life was problematic, to say the least. “Looking for employment was difficult due to my injuries, which included struggling with walking and talking for a long time. Being 100% disabled complicated my friendships. I had a lot of doors shut in my face,” Blanca shared with us.

Woodbridge, VA, is the place that Blanca calls home now. She lives with her sister and their dogs, most of which are Blanca’s service dogs. Purple Heart Homes is working to build a new fence in her backyard for the dogs, repair her roof, and replace her windows. Blanca told us, “I had a contractor try to repair my house, but he ran off with my family’s money. I’ve been waiting to receive help for over a year. It means so much to find people who care. Purple Heart Homes is doing more for me than I ever expected.”

Thank you for your many years of service, sacrifice, and dedication to our nation, Blanca. We are honored to include you in the Purple Heart Homes family!