Albert Jasper

Albert Jasper

If you are looking for a man who served his nation in two different branches of the military during three wars, traveled the world, and has enough stories to fill a book, look no further than 92-year-old Albert Jasper.

Mr. Jasper couldn’t take it when Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941. He decided to join the Navy, like his father had in the past, to fulfill his patriotic duty. Basic training took Mr. Jasper from his home in Texas to the Naval Training Center in Bainbridge, MD. He continued to train at other naval bases in the U.S. until he was assigned to unload ships in New Guinea. From there, Mr. Jasper spent the remainder of World War II working on ships in Australia and the Philippines. He finished his tour of duty as a Seaman 1st Class.

After returning home to Texas, Mr. Jasper got a job at a steel mill. Feeling unsatisfied in that line of work, he got a job as a contractor. Still unsatisfied with the work he was doing, Mr. Jasper decided to get back into the military. The year was 1951 and the Korean War was underway. Instead of reenlisting with the Navy, Mr. Jasper joined the Air Force.

His rank in the Navy allowed Mr. Jasper to enter the Air Force as a Sergeant. He was stationed in both Guam and Japan, where he served in the weather squadron. Eventually, Mr. Jasper returned stateside to serve at Robins Air Base, GA. “That’s where I met the prettiest girl in the world,” he told us. It was there that Mr. Jasper met and married his wife. His remaining assignments required Mr. Jasper to serve in Alaska, Greenland, Mississippi, Libya, and Germany during the Vietnam War. He retired from the military as a Tech Sergeant in 1966.

Today, Mr. Jasper resides in Macon, GA. He sustained injuries to his back and legs during his years of service. His mobility is extremely limited. Purple Heart Homes will repair his stove and kitchen ceiling, as well as make his bathroom handicap accessible. He shares, “The work you all are doing for me is a true blessing. I’ve never had anyone ask to help me before.”

Thank you, Mr. Jasper, for your incredible career in the military. Welcome to the Purple Heart Homes family!