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Your Dollars at Work – Lauren Hogan

October 10, 2016

On December 21st, 2004, Lauren was wounded in the single deadliest suicide attack on U.S. forces throughout the Iraq war. A suicide bomber disguised as an Iraqi National Guard Soldier detonated an explosive vest in the crowded chow hall tent during lunch time killing 22 people and injuring 72 others. She received a Purple Heart award for being wounded by shrapnel. She was also awarded a Combat Action Badge for receiving fire during a separate incident while on tower guard duty by the traffic circle.

Reintegrating back into a civilian life did not come easy for Lauren. After her honorable medical discharge from the Army, she moved back in with her parents and secluded herself from the outside world. She attempted to work from home and limited time spent in crowds as much as possible. Post traumatic stress disorder still affects her daily life.

Lauren and her two young daughters had been living with family for the last year and a half while fixing up a nearly condemned home. Purple Heart Homes helped her complete this dream with a bathroom and kitchen renovation, flooring, and other projects to pass the final inspection. “I am very grateful and excited to work with Purple Heart Homes”, she says. Purple Heart Homes is proud to help provide the quality of life Lauren deserves as she continues to raise her two children.