Veteran Stories

Richard Evans

The military runs in the Evans family. Richard Evans, his father, and four brothers all served in the U.S. Army. 1969 was the year when Richard was drafted into the Vietnam War. He completed Basic Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, before being stationed in Germany. Richard was a Trumpet Player Bandsman during his service in […]

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Mark Swanger

After his older brother served in the U.S. Army, Mark Swanger felt the need to serve his country during the perils of the Vietnam War. He enlisted in the Army in 1969. Basic Training took Mark to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. During his training, Mark was kicked in the face by a steel-toed boot, […]

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Bernadette Bean

It was the spirit of adventure, desire to see more of the world, and the honor and pride that come with serving in the military that coaxed Bernadette Bean into joining the U.S. Army National Guard. Bernadette completed her basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She served with the National Guard in 1994 before […]

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Albert Jasper

If you are looking for a man who served his nation in two different branches of the military during three wars, traveled the world, and has enough stories to fill a book, look no further than 92-year-old Albert Jasper. Mr. Jasper couldn’t take it when Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941. He decided to join […]

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Douglas Phelps

The U.S. Army had a multifaceted talent among their ranks with the enlistment of Douglas Phelps. Originally from Kentucky, Douglas decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by enlisting in the Army. He underwent Basic Training at Fort Bliss in Texas and served as a Specialist in mechanical work. Douglas served three separate times between […]

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Keith Walls

Born and raised in West Virginia, Keith Walls has always taken the act of service seriously, both inside and outside of the military. Keith was drafted into the Vietnam War as a Marine back in 1971. Aside from the Draft, Keith cites that his inspiration for serving our country came from John F. Kennedy’s words: […]

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Jacob Anthony

Jacob Anthony grew up in Arkansas and made his initial career playing minor league baseball. After the events of 9/11 took place, Jacob felt as though he needed to do something more. He didn’t feel like he was giving anything back by playing baseball; he wanted to do something that would put him in the […]

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Read Our 2017 Summer Newsletter

June 15, 2017

Read the 2017 Spring Edition of Purple Heart Homes Connections  

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Reuben Edwards

After having a disagreement with his father about whether he should go to school or get a job, Reuben Edwards decided to enlist in the U.S. Army to serve his country during World War II. Mr. Edwards completed basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama, before shipping out to Japan and specializing as a Fire Fighter. […]

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Wells Fargo Employees Help Purple Heart Homes During Day of Caring

June 6, 2017

Close to 30 employees from Wells Fargo volunteered their time on Saturday, June 3rd, to assist Purple Heart Homes with cleaning out their new office and warehouse buildings. Read full article below:  

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Roger Hardy

Roger Hardy grew up in North Carolina wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father, an Officer in the U.S. Army, who served for two tours in Vietnam. Roger claims, “I wouldn’t have felt complete if I didn’t serve.” Well, it turns out that Roger did a hefty amount of service. He joined the […]

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George Hite, Jr.

George Hite, Jr. has a remarkable story about commitment, answering to a higher calling, sacrifice, and everlasting love. Although unable to express himself due to dementia, George’s wife, Christine, is his spokesperson. She is highly articulate and uplifting. Shared by Christine, enclosed are highlights of their story: George Hite, Jr. entered the US Army in […]

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