New Ventures in the Alaskan Frontier

New Ventures in the Alaskan Frontier

Moving into the weekend we have sent a few of our team to the brisk forests of Alaska.

Brad Borders, our VP of Chapter Development, accompanied by his wife Tammy and Rob Harell, our Volunteer Project Manager, have landed in beautiful Fairbanks, AK.

Why are they here? We are preparing to begin work on our first two Alaska projects. One to be done in Fairbanks, the other in Anchorage.

In Anchorage we are assisting a Gulf War Veteran. We will be providing some home adjustments including redoing the front door and building a front deck. In addition, we’ll be providing other critical home repair.In Fairbanks, a Cold War and Gulf War Veteran is in need of a ramp.

Proportionately, Alaska has a high number of Veterans. So, while this is a bit of a fun field trip, this is also a chance to network with community leaders. Our hope is to establish two brand new PHH chapters in Alaska.

And while Brad and crew are fun enough, we’ve decided to bring a little special spice with us. The cast and crew of The Woody and Wilcox syndicated radio show will also be traveling with us to their old stomping grounds.

For any fan of The Woody and Wilcox show who are looking to be more involved. GREAT NEWS! There will be a couple of opportunities for you to meet the Woody and Wilcox cast, learn about the Purple Heart Homes mission, and make off with some cool new gear as modeled by Woody.

Woody and Wilcox Meet and Greet opportunities will be on Friday, September 13th at the Peanut Farm in Anchorage, AK and then at the Banks Ale House on Saturday, September 14th in Fairbanks, AK.

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