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Meet the Co-Founders

John Gallina and Dale Beatty joined the North Carolina National Guard in 1996. During their service to our nation both Gallina and Beatty had the opportunity to respond to calls from the Governor of North Carolina to help victims of Hurricane Fran and Hurricane Floyd. It was through those experiences that they gained their humanitarian passion and spirit.

They also responded to the call of duty from the President of the United States to defend our country against terrorism serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were both 25 years old at the time.

The War in Iraq Defined Both Gallina and Beatty

Their unit was attached to the 1st infantry Division near Bayji, Iraq. On November 15, 2004, they were on a dangerous mission to provide security for an engineer unit that was sweeping the area for mines…a route that had numerous land mine and IED explosions over the previous weeks.

SPC Gallina was driving with SGT Beatty and two other members of the unit. The vehicle struck two anti-tank mines that detonated ripping through the weaker armor in the floor leaving Beatty a double amputee below the knees and Gallina with severe back injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

Their journey together is one of friendship, service, courage and leadership. Their shared experiences in the National Guard created a strong sense of community and a deep passion to give back and make a difference in the lives of Service Connected Disabled Veterans.

Gallina and Beaty Co-Founders of Purple Heart Homes

As both men reintegrated into their communities, they were humbled by the number of people who would come up to them to thank them for their service and sacrifice. They were trained to never leave a soldier behind on the battlefield and as two combat wounded Iraq Veterans they became committed to not leaving them behind at home.

Recognizing an unmet need, they decided to reach across the generational divide to provide housing solutions for qualified Service Connected Disabled Veterans and together they Co-founded Purple Heart Homes in 2008.

Purple Heart Homes is honored to have an experienced seasoned staff and a number of volunteers that share a common belief and a common desire to give back to those who have given so much for their country.

A volunteer Board of Directors is maintained for fiscal responsibility, approval and prioritization of projects and fundraising assistance.

Purple Heart Homes Differentiates Itself From Other Veteran Service Organizations in a Number of Ways:

  • Co-founded by two combat wounded Iraq Veterans
  • Provides housing solutions to all generations of qualified Service Connected Disabled Veterans
  • Enables and encourages communities to form Chapters to support their local Veterans
  • Purple Heart Homes is a Veteran Service Organization that provides Service Connected Disabled Veterans with the dream of home ownership – a hand up – not a hand out
  • Purple Heart Homes is a Veteran Service Organization that renovates homes for veterans that own their own homes
  • Offers a comprehensive Mentor Program that serves the Veteran, the Caregiver and Family members
  • Provides the Community a way to show their appreciation