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Meet Sharry Price

Sharry Price has tried to make the best out of everything with her uplifting personality for as long as she can remember. “You can always make it better,” she proudly states. Sharry grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and when she graduated from high school, she had a plan. It was her decision to join the U.S. Army when she was 21 years old. She wanted to travel, she wanted a college education, along with a career that would offer her longevity.

In 1980, Sharry was off to Fort Jackson, SC for her Basic Training and specialized in Personnel, specifically as a Recruiter. Her career span in the army lasted 35 years. “I would do it again and again,” says Sharry.

After training at Fort Jackson, Sharry spent six years in Germany, three at Ansbach Army Base and three at Stuttgart Army Airfield. She deployed for six months to Iraq and served in combat zones in Afghanistan. “I traveled with the Infantry and on many occasions had to move out during the night under black out conditions. It was quite nerve racking driving in the dark with bullets coming in,” states Sharry.

Sharry has had an amazing career in the military. “Many life lessons are learned and they made me a better person and woman. The military molded me and shaped me into who I am. My service helped me grow up,” she states. In 2009, Sharry received a Bachelor’s Degree through the G.I. Bill, and in 2012, she received her Masters Degree in Business.

When Sharry retired, she had difficulty adjusting to the civilian way of doing things. She suffers with insomnia caused by anxiety and trauma from being in a combat zone. She endures the pain from a back injury, knee surgery and Cancer. But she continues to remain positive and uplifting.

Purple Heart Homes is proud to assist Sharry with needed renovations in her home so she can continue to remain in a safe environment. We thank you for your service, Sharry, and we welcome you into our Purple Heart Homes Family!