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Meet Robert “Dale” Billings

Robert “Dale” Billings was born to humble beginnings in Wilkesboro, NC in 1983 and raised in Traphill, NC.

Through school, Billings was involved with sports, the Boy Scouts, and in high school, he got involved in a JROTC program. He looked up to his NCO Senior Master Sergeant and his commanding officer whom he regarded as father figures.

Dale joined the USAF because of his Senior Master Sergeant and because he loved the history and technology that the Air Force offered. He was a KC-10 crew chief and ensured that his aircraft was set to high standards and constantly ready for any mission.

Dale’s basic training was at Lackland Air Force Base, TX and he then moved to Sheppard AFB in Texas. His final training would be held at Travis Air Force Base in California and his first duty station would be at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.

Dale had two deployments to UAE, Iraq, and Afganistan plus 13 TDY’s across the U.S. However, Dale would injure his back and legs in a fall that occurred while he checking on one of his aircraft.

Dale currently resides in Elkin, NC with his wife and 5 children. Purple Heart Homes has worked to provide him and his family with complete home renovations including floor, window, and ceiling work. Also, mold removal and other necessary updates for the home.

Robert “Dale” Billings is proudly welcomed into the Purple Heart Homes family. We wish you and your family all of the best.