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Meet Josh Hoffman

Joshua always wanted to join the Marines. What sparked his interest the most was the stories his next-door neighbor shared about his own service in Vietnam. Joshua worked with car security systems and felt he could use his knowledge to help the military. He enlisted in the Marines in 2009 and after completing his basic training, he deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 where he used his valuable skills to disarm explosives.

It was while doing his job, Joshua was injured by an exploding IED. He suffered substantial injuries including losing his left leg, spinal injuries, brain trauma and burns on his body and face. He was lucky to survive, and he was honorably discharged in 2013.

Joshua, to date, has undergone 44 surgeries for his combat-related injuries and has more scheduled in the future. His transition back into civilian life has been slow and difficult. He worked some as a landscaper but soon found it difficult to keep up so he worked on some electronics and did what he could. He also volunteered as a Marine Liaison, helping other wounded Veterans all while he was going through his own surgeries and rehabilitation.

Now living in Ohio with his wife and son, Joshua needs repairs and reconstruction on his home to accommodate his lack of mobility due to his injuries. After using all of his VA Grant compensation and his wife losing her caregiver benefits, it put a huge financial strain on the family and they were unable to complete the construction they need.

Because Joshua uses a wheelchair, the repair he needs the most is to have his flooring replaced so everything is level from one room to the next. He is unable to do the repairs himself and cannot afford to hire anyone either. He reached out to Purple Heart Homes for assistance and we will replace the flooring throughout the home. He will soon be able to move smoothly from room to room in his wheelchair giving him more freedom in his own home.

Even after his traumatic military experience, Joshua still gives sound advice to those who ask him about serving in the military. “Research everything, be sure of what you want and be happy with your job. That’s how you excel in the military,” he advised.

Purple Heart Homes is proud to assist Joshua in his housing repair needs and we’re honored to welcome him into out Purple Heart Homes Family.