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Meet Jeff Ward

Shortly after high school in 1994, Jeffrey Ward enlisted in the Marine Corps. His basic training took place at MCRD San Diego and his infantry training was completed at Pendleton, CA. He was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

For a time he was discharged for humanitarian reasons until the event of 9/11. After which he joined the U.S. Army with a guarantee of applying his recently developed EMT skills as a medic. He completed his Combat Medic Training at Fort Sam Houston in Texas and was then deployed to the Middle East.

While guarding a critical supply and evacuation route, Jeff’s unit was hit by a car bomb in which Jeff was wounded. Despite his own injuries, Jeff managed to apply his medical skills and saved the other six wounded soldiers around him. Jeff was eventually medically retired as a result of his injuries, however.

With help from The Home Depot Foundation, Purple Heart Homes is happy to have helped Jeff by providing repairs to his chimney and roof. We also were able to work on his wiring, provide an HVAC system, and renovate his bathroom.