The Hearts of Honor Club is a monthly giving club comprised of donors who make a contribution of $10 a month or more. This helps to ensure the long-term success of Purple Heart Homes and allows us to complete more Veteran projects each year.

Your membership gives you the opportunity to become a part of the Purple Heart Homes family of supporters and make a tangible difference in the lives of our Service Connected Disabled Veterans and their families. As a member, you will receive regular updates on our projects and examples of your donations at work.

If you’d like to join but prefer to mail your donations, please call Tammy Pate at (704) 818-0658 or email her at to set up invoicing on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Hearts of Honor Club 

Hearts of Honor Club 

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If you would like to make a donation from outside the United States please contact us at 704-818-0658 or email

Please note that all donations will continue monthly, quarterly, or yearly until you cancel.

Payment Information

                                       Joseph B., NC

Kelly G., NC

Charles P., NC

Jerry H., NC

Tom & Gail B., NC

Robin B., NC

Grant C., NC

Tim M., NC

Charlie E., SC

C. Wilcox, NC

Paul & Rosie H., OK

Ronald H., GA

John G., NC

John & Jane M., NC

Becky P., SC

Terry B., CT

 Robert B., NC

Michael L., NC

Ryan P., NC

Mike P., NC

Ben S.

Matt S., NC

Sandi V., NC

Rick & Sherry W., NC

Joyce C., CT

Teddy & Patricia C., NC

Kevin P., WA

Duane L., NC

Daniel W., IL

Brian E., NC

Donald B., PA

Mike B., NC

Alice C., NC

Charlotte C., SC

James H., NC

Tristen H., CA

Franklin & Nancy I., NC

Mike K., NC

Dave R., NC

Michael S., SC

Jason S., NC

Fred S., NC

David S., SC

Michael S., NC

Joel T.

Noble T., NC

Brian W., SC

Elizabeth S., OH

Anne P., NC

Eric D., NC

Connie & Dave G., NC

Debra S., CO

Garrett G., NC

Patti F., SC

Shaun C., VA

Karen B., CO

Vernon S., NC

Kenneth B., NC


Kimberly D., NC

Ricky R., NC

Paula & Cory C., NC

Paul C., NC

Reginald H., NC

Lewis H., NC

Olivia D., NC


Jennifer S., DE

Robert M., AL

Wayne B., CO

Geof & Susan L., NC

Lon G., NY

David S., SC

Kyle S., NY

Nicole B., NC

Shakira B., NC

Sandra B., TX

Daniel B., NC

Cindy D., TN

Chris & Carolyn D., NC

Jack & Geneva D., SC

Jeanne G., IN

Patricia H., NC

Gene H., NC

Wayne & Diane J., NC

Steven K., WA

Tom K., NC

Peter K., GA

Zachary L., NC

Michael & Mary Ellen M., NJ

Boyd M., NC

David O., NC

Tim P., SC

Kent P., NC

Ron S., NC

Lori S., NC

Peter S., AK

Jeff S., GA

John S., NC

Loretta S., WI

Liz S., NC

Layn T., NC

Rena T., NC

Marion H., CT

Cheryl C., NC

Dave & Karen P., FL

Ryan R., NC

Michael & Deborah C., GA

Chuck T., NC

Richard & Nancy D., NC

Trudy W., NC

Joan C., NY

Renee S., NC

Selene B., NC

Jewelye B., NC

Anthony G., NC

Melania B., NC

Robert A., NY

Michelle B., TX

Kerry L., NC

Andrew S., NC

Monica P., NC

Ian P., NC

Brad & Tammy B., NC

Alan W., GA

Terry J., NC

Garrison H., OK

Bob P., NC

Anna L., NC

Mike & Melissa N., NC

Harold K., NC

Steve & Barbara P., NC

Mandy C., NC

Tammy P., NC

Donnie & Gay P., NC

Candace B., SC

Charles S., NC

Lori M., NC

Miles G., NC

Patrick S., NC

Elizabeth M., LA

Mary S., KS

Lauren A., NC

Alex B., NC

Robbie B., AL

Joey B., NC

Howard B., CA

Laurel B., NC

Cheryl B., CT

Timothy B., AL

Robert C., NC

Bobbi Jo C., NC

Michele C., NC

Julia D., NC

Janice D., NC

Brian E., NC

Christa & Jeff E., MN

Katie E., GA

Brian F., NC

John G., NC

Christopher G., NC

Clifton G., VA

Brooklin & Brent H., NC

Olin H., OH

Randy J., HI

Jeremiah K., NY

Mark L., SC

Bryson M., NC

Sharon  M.

Kathleen M., NC

Melinda M., FL

Carolyn M., NC

Steven M., TX

Robert & Cherie M., NC

Ruth M., NC

Chris N., NC

Jessie O., SC

Daniel O., SC

William P., NC

Jillian P., PA

Noritza P., NJ

Christa P., NC

Brian R., SC

Amanda B., NC

Ingrid S., SC

Trey S., SC

Derek S., SC

David & Laurie S., NC

Harriet S., GA

Carolyn S., NC

Brian T., FL

Joey W., NC