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Happy New Year 2020

Wrapping up another year and another decade, its always fun to reminisce about the accomplishments we’ve experienced at Purple Heart Homes. Starting the year at 440 Veterans served, we had hoped to meet and serve more and more. Along the way, we got to enjoy some awesome moments.

One of our big highlights this year was getting to send part of our team to Alaska for our first two projects EVER in that state. We meet two amazing Veterans and worked hard to provide them with the home improvements they needed.

We go to provide Carl Casey with a ramp that was much needed to allow him to more easily thrive in his home.

We also got to meet Taggart Hooper and helped him to clean his yard and provide other important home repairs.

While working for Mr. Hooper we also got the chance to celebrate another important milestone for Purple Heart Homes as Taggart turned our to be out 500th Veteran served.

Over the year we got to service over 90 Veterans and we find ourselves currently sitting at 531 Veterans served. Our family here at PHH has also grown as we have added new faces with new skills and with new personalities.

With all of the work that we’ve done, the need for our work ever higher. We’ve received over 1,000 applications this year and while we are proud of the work that we’ve done, year hope to even more in this new year. You can help us by donating, volunteer, joining the Hearts of Honor Club and helping to spread the word of the work that we are providing for aging and service-disabled Veterans.

From our family to yours, we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!