Bernadette Bean

Bernadette Bean

It was the spirit of adventure, desire to see more of the world, and the honor and pride that come with serving in the military that coaxed Bernadette Bean into joining the U.S. Army National Guard.

Bernadette completed her basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She served with the National Guard in 1994 before entering active duty in 1996. Active duty took Bernadette to Fort Stewart, as well as Korea. Her grit and endurance carved the path that led her to earn the rank of Sergeant. However, grit and endurance can only keep the path so smooth.

Bernadette’s service and sacrifice came at a price.  She sustained physical as well as other injuries during her service. She was honorably discharged in 2003, which opened the door for her next adventure: readjusting to civilian life.

The mentality of “soldiering through” became a constant theme in her life. Fully transitioning back to civilian life was not always easy. The camaraderie, structure, and sense of home were not the same as they had been in the past. “Being in the military was like living in a bubble.” she shares.

However, civilian life allowed Bernadette to accomplish a major goal: completing the final year toward a four-year degree from the University of South Carolina. She also got to spend more time with her young daughter. Bernadette says, “I am a life-long learner, and gain satisfaction from helping people. I want to continue helping others and serving my community no matter where life leads me.”

Purple Heart Homes will provide several home repairs, improvements as well as finish several incomplete projects. Bernadette tells us, “Purple Heart Homes has made it easier to focus on other priorities without the added stress of home repairs. I can’t thank them enough.” We can’t express enough how much your service, sacrifice, and giving spirit mean to us, Bernadette. Welcome to the Purple Heart Homes family!

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