Are you a Service Connected Disabled Veteran looking for a housing solution?

Purple Heart Homes has two different programs that might be able to help. A Purple Heart is not required for either program, but we do require at least a 10% Service Connected Disability Rating from the VA. The applicant must also pass a personal background check. If applying for the VHOP program, credit checks will also be conducted. We carefully review all requests from interested Service Connected Disabled Veterans who wish to be considered for either of our programs.

Application for Support

Application for Support


Program Details

VAIP – Veterans Aging in Place – This program is designed for Service Connected Disabled Veterans who currently own their home and who need help with renovations or repairs to make that home safe and accessible.

VHOP – Veterans Home Ownership Program – This program is designed for Service Connected Disabled Veterans who are ready for the responsibility of home ownership. This program matches a qualified Veteran with a home  that can be modified to meet the Veteran’s needs. The VHOP Program is limited by the homes we have available. The Veteran must be willing to relocate to an area where a home is available and qualify for a mortgage. Keep in mind our home inventory is constantly changing.

If you are interested in either program, please complete the application form below. The application process includes a personal background check and credit checks. An internal committee will review all documentation to determine eligibility.

In order to complete your application packet, you will need to submit the following items:

  • Signed Background Consent Form (will be emailed)
  • Completed Financial Worksheet (will be emailed)
  • Signed Media Release (will be emailed)
  • Copy of your DD214 (preferred) or Proof of Service Letter
  • Copy of your VA Award Letter and VA Ratings Letter Copy of your Driver’s License or other recent photo ID
  • If applicable, a copy of your last mortgage statement
  • If applicable, a copy of your Social Security Letter

An email will be sent to the email address provided, with the required forms and outlining the next steps in the application process. For Veterans who are not capable of completing this form, immediate family members/representatives may fill out any and all information relevant to the assistance of the Veteran and his/her immediate family.

Application for Assistance

Contact Information

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Service Details

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Family Information

I certify that I personally completed this application request and that all of the information is true and correct. I authorize PHH to release this information to conduct an investigation in accordance with state and federal law for the purpose of assistance.
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