Alaska Project #1 and Done

Alaska Project #1 and Done

With great thanks to our friends at the #HomeDepotFoundation and the #WoodyandWilcox crew, we are happy to announce that our FIRST Alaska project has been finished!

Part of our team recently made the trip up to Fairbanks to get to work on a ramp for a Gulf War Veteran.

Brad Borders, our Vice President of Chapter Development, his wife Tammy, and Rob Harrell, our Volunteer Project Manager, landed in Fairbanks this weekend.

Immediately, they began to fall in love with the dreamscape that is the Alaskan wilderness.

Right away, our staff and volunteers got to work on our first project. The team put good work and time into their work as they hustled side-by-side for a great cause.

While they were digging, they also came across a fuzzy little critter.

After this little guy was moved out of the way, the work continued.

With heads held high, the crew finished their work on the ramp and the Veteran couldn’t wait to test it out!

We are so proud of our crew and the volunteers who came out to help. We can’t wait to see how their next project turns out!

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