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Veteran Stories

Rodger Downing

Rodger Downing has a family history of men who served our country and believes it is everyone’s obligation. That’s why he joined the U. S Marines Corps in September, 1985. Rodger reported to Parris Island, SC, for his Basic Training in 1986, and then on to Infantry Training School at Camp Geiger, NC for assignment […]

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James Schenk

James spent his military career with the U.S. Navy in submarines. He enlisted in 1966, and was sent to Great Lakes Naval Station, Illinois, for basic training, and stayed there for electronics school. He was then sent to Groton, CT, in 1968. His career on submarines started on a WWII sub, the USS Grouper. His […]

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Alex Rychlik

Alex joined the U.S. Navy in 2005 because he wanted to serve his country and experience military life. His basic training was completed at Great Lakes, IL and his advanced training in Pensacola, FL. During his time in the Navy he served aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise based out of Norfolk, VA. Alex was […]

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David Cantrell

In 1967, when David Cantrell received his notice from the U.S. Government that he was designated as 1A and would soon be drafted, he decided to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps. David comes from a large family. Four of his brothers served our country, only David was sent to Vietnam. His Basic Training was […]

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Hugh McClenney

Hugh McClenney was drafted in the U. S. Army in 1969. He comes from a family of military men. His father served in WWII, and his oldest son is getting ready to retire from 20 years of service in the U. S. Marine Corp. Hugh did his basic training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and […]

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